Rooted is a free, online magazine dedicated to telling stories of Place from the people who call Mississippi Home.

Plenty of attention is given to Mississippi’s problem of out-migration, also known as “brain drain.” Here, we explore the counter-narrative of what it means to make a home in a complicated place, a place that alternately nourishes, frustrates, fascinates, endears, disappoints, and amazes us. Living in Mississippi has shaped the way we see the world, the way we understand ourselves. In turn, Mississippi—its history, reputation, and legacy—shapes the way the world sees us.

Rooted features the unfiltered stories of those who have chosen to grow their roots in Mississippi, or who still feel rooted here despite having moved away.

We aim to complicate the notion of who Mississippians are, to explore the authentic reasons why we choose to live here and why we leave, and to discover how our outsider-ness is a strength. We aim to reclaim Mississippi’s narrative from the knee jerk red state haters and the if you don’t like it then leave crowd. We aim to connect Mississippians with our allies in progress, to remind ourselves of what we love about this weird and wonderful state, and to reinvigorate our commitment to making Mississippi a better, more equitable place to call Home.

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Our Team

Lauren Rhoades, founder and editor-in-chief, is a Mississippi transplant who is originally from Denver, Colorado. Since moving to Jackson in 2013, she has served with AmeriCorps, started Mississippi’s first fermentation company, and helmed the Eudora Welty House & Garden. She is now director of grants at the Mississippi Arts Commission and a host of MPB’s The Mississippi Arts Hour. Lauren’s essays have been published in Southwest Review, Phoebe, Salvation South, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the Mississippi University for Women. Her debut memoir, Split the Baby, is forthcoming March 2025 with Belle Point Press.

Shira Muroff, community editor, is a Mississippi transplant from Los Angeles and a graduate of the University of California, Davis. A Jacksonian since 2016, she has worked developing curriculum and programs for Southern Jewish communities as well as Mississippi history materials for students across the state. For several years, she also supported small Jackson organizations as a program manager with Citizenville/JXN Gumbo. You can often catch her documenting the books, podcasts, and TV she consumes.

The Rooted logo and design elements are by Lisa McMurtray. A native of Mississippi, Lisa holds an MFA from Florida State University and an MA in English from Mississippi State University. Her poetry has appeared in The Cincinnati Review, Ninth Letter, West Branch, and The Journal.

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Stories of place from the people who call Mississippi home.


Mississippi transplant. Pro-choice mom. Jewish. Writer. Eudora Welty fangirl. (she/her)