What does it mean to call Mississippi home? Why do people choose to leave or live in this weird, wonderful, and sometimes infuriating place? Questionnaires with interesting Mississippi natives, transplants, and expats.

"There’s a saying in my culture: A tree that is transplanted may die, and a person who is transplanted has a chance to survive."
"There are many reasons I could leave, but just like when Trump was elected and I wanted to move to Canada, a friend said, 'No, we stay, we fight, we…
"Mississippi has made me driven and awake, with my sleeves rolled up, deeply rooted in my faith, and with an enduring love of a great hang and doing…
"I think we have it all—the best food, the best music, the best swagger."
"There are some people I hate who would be happy to see me leave. So fuck them. I’m staying."