"My writing became more authentic and descriptive when I came home. Living in Mississippi has given me more of a sense of purpose for writing about Mississippi."
"As long as I have drive and purpose, I’m happy anywhere—on the bayou or in a busy city."
Poems by Jianqing Zheng and Photos by William Ferris
"Here I am nearly ten years later, with a Mississippi dog, a Mississippi house, a Mississippi husband, and a Mississippi baby in tow."
"Every time I leave the Delta, I am reminded how grateful I am for it. I guess that is the benefit of living many places, when you find where you…
What happens when you love Mississippi, but Mississippi doesn't love you back?
"I don’t think there is much that could get me to go back. I feel like I spent too much time there and that whatever I do next needs to be going forward…
"I get tired, but the whole world is Mississippi. Where else could I possibly go for rest?"
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